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#101 Tars AA EDK


Episode 101 is with Tars AA EDK. An amazing writer who’s pretty unique. He was doing his own thing in graf for a while before meeting up with Virus. The relationship they developed seems very close to apprenticeship/mentor situations. Both of them talk about it in their episodes. I’m a firm believer that if that happened more we might not have some of the negative issues in the culture. While we did this episode you’ll hear a little bit of coughing, but also a buzzing from the voice changer. I have to really thank Tars for powering through having a cold and still doing the interview. Most of the flicks he sent if not all are stuff that inspires him. A very humble approach which personifies him as a person and writer. You’ll really enjoy this one. He asked that his intro and close song to be untitled. Thanks again Tars I look forward to our paths crossing again.

Next episode is with Virus and will conclude this Canadian segment of interviews.