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105 Jick


Episode 105 is with Jick. He’s an amazing individual. Not only does he have an outstanding pedigree. He’s incredible articulate. Let me explain a little more. Not too many of us will have the experience of being brought up by our heroes in graffiti. Imagine if you will you’re looking at certain pieces and hands by legends coming up. Then a few years later they’re schooling you and helping to perfect your skills. As I’ve tried to focus more on these episodes that have to do with mentoring. I can’t help but notice how much it’s helped these individuals not only with their art, but also it seems to become better people. As I sat down with Jick I also was fucking blown away by how every thing he said was well thought out. He really thinks about what he’s putting out there, and it’s (lack of a better word) calculated. All too often people on the podcast including myself get caught up in the moment and say something they regret. Not Jick, he’s really aware of his words and it impressed me. It’s something a lot of us can probably work on. I can’t thank him enough for doing this, bringing me into his work to do this episode with an epic view was breathe taking. Thanks again sir. The songs he picked were David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World and his close was Nirvana with the same title (I believe). Check out his flicks on the website. I wasn’t able to use all the ones he sent, because of resizing issues.

You’ll also notice the sound is fucked up the close with Solo. I messed up on the settings on that one you’ll notice right away. Plus there was a mishap with a water bottle spilling all over the computer and desk. Only pure professionalism here at the LT head quarters, so sorry about that.

Next week will be the first of two episodes from Doc TC5. Followed by the second part, and then Ichabod YME (T), and Bus 166 MSK CUTS these will all more than likely dropped weekly.

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  • Clash2

    Hell yeah love Jick. Real big influence for me out in danbury