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106 Doc TC5 Part 1 of 2


Episode 106 is with Doc TC5. This is the first of two episodes with him. We recorded this one in Manhattan the second one near Brooklyn. He’s got so many good stories and really shows you how dope he is. The history you’ll hear from him is awe striking. Stories from the perspective of a writer who was there. From the start of this project I’ve said “the person who will be able to tell their story the best will obviously be them.” Doc brought up a really good point in this episode. It’s strange how some documentarians get more attention than the actual artists who did the work. It’s a fine line to dance when you think about who deserves the respect and spotlight. Thanks again to Doc. The song he picked was The Roots – What They Do (Instrumental) and don’t forget to check out the flicks he sent that are on the website. He’s also got a lot of historical graffiti pictures on his IG so check that out too. (On this particular day I was really under the weather, so bear with me on that.) Cycle was nice enough to hook this up.

Next week with be the second episode with Doc, then over the next few weeks we will be dropping the the Ichabod YME (T) and Bus166 MSK CUTS episodes