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108 Ichabod YME Circle T


Episode 108 is with Ichabod YME (T). If you don’t know who he is, go sit on any giving freight line in the nation. You’ll get familiar really fucking quick. We recorded this one on location with a voice changer on his side. There’s a slight buzzing because of that. So let’s talk about Ich. He’s a mystery. Many have asked “Who is this person? How does he have so many freights out there?” You can search high and low, but there’s just not a lot about him out there. There’s the @krimetime episode and an article but besides that not too much else. While other writers have gone for some underground celebrity spot light Ich has stayed in the shadows. No Instagram, no Facebook, no social media. He travels all over, and ends up getting up under some nameless bridge in the cut. Instead of some crazy street spot. He was very candid talking about his approach, but also what makes him who he is. We talked about a lot of those experiences. The friends he’s made through writing and traveling. He also wanted to talk about his Aspergers, and I hope it educates and gives a little more understanding to the spectrum. It took a lot of people to make this episode happen. First and foremost Lack, Learn, and Space, but other people had a part in it too (namely the YME film guys, Spek, Mone, The Solo Artist, and a few others). We thank all of them. The songs he picked for his intro and close were Slayer – Postmortem and AC_DC – Riff Raff.. Most of the flicks were taken by me or the bencher @cold.train Thanks again to Ichabod and everyone who helped this happen.

At the end there a little about @the_lines_dont_lie. They’re trying to raise money for a book project, so please check that out and support them.

Next week’s episode will be with Bus 166 MSK CUTS @bus166 and then the following week Mines FST @mistermines

  • Nora

    ❤ I did a school art project on ICH a few years ago. I was only ever able to find one audio interview then. I never find the words to describe what his story makes me feel. I think that particular interview was early in his diagnosis. This one was awesome. I’ve been wondering how he’s dealt with it. I deal with my own disorders so, its awesome to see someone you idolize come forward. Thank you for doing this!

  • Art

    Yikes! “Somebody in this house has to work”

  • LeelOne

    This made me really happy finding out that my favorite artist has aspergers like me, he’s a very intresting guy