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114 Con BA


I’m proud to say episode 114 is with Con BA. This guy has been an amazing artist before a lot of people even got into the culture, but he’s a fucking cool mother fucker beside that. He reached out to the podcast months ago and has been in touch since. His experiences are pretty amazing and you can tell he’s one of those people who doesn’t take it for granted. He so kind it’s kind of mind blowing. He was so generous with showing me a lot of his art, his personal collection, photos, etc etc. There’s some people who’ve been lucky enough to make their art into a career. I honestly can’t think of a better person who’s more fitting to be one of those people. Thanks again Con. He donated a shit ton of flicks. Check those out on the website. The song’s he picked were kind of tributes to two artist who passed away this year. David Bowie – Fame and Buggin’ Out by A Tribe Called Quest

Thanks again Con. Next week Will be Risk and then Never.