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115 Risk


Episode 115 is with Risk. We recorded this at his home and it was fucking amazing. He’s the real deal and I can’t say enough great things about him. It’s not a long episode, but that doesn’t matter. His stories and accounts of life experiences was breath taken, if you want to read more about his life. He’s got a great book out called Old Habits Die Hard. I would strongly suggest picking it up. Just an all around genuine person. While most of us try to stroke ourselves thinking we’ll have this amazing affect on the culture. He has done that and instead of stopping there he’s turned it around to give back to this culture, but beyond that to his community and society. I’m super excited for everyone to hear this. Please enjoy and thanks again to Risk, his family, and friends for being so welcoming and taking the time out to do it, also Power for hooking up the connect. There’s a few pictures I shot out at his place and then a few I grabbed from his IG. I’d strongly suggest checking out those out on the LT site and his IG @riskrock. He picked the song Led zeppelin – Immigrant Song for his close and intro. Hope you enjoy.

Over the next few days or a week the Never @never1959 episode will drop and a few others. Stay safe out there.