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116 Never


Episode 116 is with Never. This was recorded on site in Los Angeles, actually right on his dining room table. Never was pretty awesome. I wasn’t really familiar with his work, but Bleek really pushed me to have him on. I checked out his work and was sold. Just really thought out murals and not taking any shorts. Extremely focused and thought out. His episode really reminds me of how much someone can really educate you on their approuch and then change how you think about your own. He sent a bunch of flicks of his work, so don’t forget to check those out on the website. There will be a small portion of them posted on the IG as always. The songs he picked were The Briggs – This is LA and The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound. Also check out is IG @never1959 and his website Cult-Classics Also Detr HOD KOG sit in on the close with Ryoe and I.

Well I’ve got your attention. I’ve been to LA a few times maybe 5 or 6. I’ve always joked around my favorite times were bicycling out of the city on my way to Phoenix. Maybe it’s my midwestern mindset, maybe it’s the traffic, but I haven’t particularly liked that city in the past. I can honestly say this trip changed all that. Everyone really made me feel welcome and went the distance on being so kind. It’s pretty crazy how one trip can change your view of a city. I want to take the time to thank them all. Never and his wife were part of that, just as everyone else out there. LA is fucking awesome and I can’t wait to go out there again.

Next week will be with Jacob from Think Tank Gallery