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117 Jacob From Think Tank Gallery


Episode 117 is with Jacob from Think Tank Gallery in LA. We recorded this one on site with Phil America as a guest. Can’t thank both of them enough. Jacob has a much different approach and back ground than most of our guests. He messed with writing for a short amount of time, but that isn’t why he’s on the show. He blew up in the sneaker customizing culture years ago and long story short. He stepped away from that do Think Tank Art Gallery. The gallery is an awesome space and doing something very special. I strongly encourage people to check out their social media, videos, website, or if you’re in LA, the space itself. This episode really is educational and there’s plenty of things he talks about you can apply to your projects. Whether those be art, a gallery, life, etc. Usually not as many people listen to the non-writer episodes. I hope those that cherry pick them check this one out because the wealth of knowledge is unbelievable. Thanks again to Jacob. Here’s some social media and website links, also if you want to hear more from them. Check out their podcast
A.rtists R.eal T.alk
J Patterson Art
Think Tank Gallery

Think Tank Youtube Channel

Here’s the songs he picked the intro was from his youtube channel’s intro and the close is R Kelly Real Talk. Don’t forget to check out the flicks he sent in on the LT website.

Next week will close out our LA trip episodes. Phil America sit in on that one too. It’ll be with the tattoo artist @luxiano_street_classic. He’s got a long list of achievements in writing, but we mostly choose to talk about other projects. I’m also super excited about that one. The episodes coming up after those include Detr HOD KOG, Link, and Isto. TFR will hopefully complete all the rest of the interviews with the wives of graffiti artist this week, so that’s on the horizon line. Then I can start working on the episode with the Railroad workers. I want to thank everyone who’s been supportive of the podcast. I just got back from a trip down south, 5 cities in 8 days. I really want to say thanks to Link, Dennis @traingangmagazine, Kair, DIB crew, the louisville writer community, Cents, Sean HGOD, and everyone else who showed me a lot of love. Also if all goes as planned today mail will be sent out and we will be adding some new magazines to the online store.

Until next week. Stay safe out there.