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118 Link SFB TA


Episode 118 is with Link SFB TA. If you’ve been benching the last few years you’ve probably seen this guy up. He’s been killing it. While I was in Canada I saw three of his from different time periods on the same line. It was great picking his brain and seeing what makes him tick. I really enjoyed hanging out with him and the other guys down in Atlanta. We got to record this episode on site and Dennis from Train Gang Magazine and Kair IYA also sat in. Thank’s to those guys. The songs for his intro and close are from DJ Nervex. As always there’s some flicks that go with the podcast so check those out at the website. He also donated a few canvases to the podcast. Keep an eye on the IG I’ll be auctioning them off in a few weeks or two once I get everything caught up on the webstore. Big huge thank you to Link this was a fun episode and with my cold at the time you made it easy on me.

Train Gang magazine is releasing their next issue. You gotta check it out. It’s really fucking badass and 5 stars like always. Hopefully I can upload stuff to the store, ship everything out to the orders, and answer the emails this week. Keep an eye out. Enjoy your week people.