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119 Luxiano


Episode 119 is with a tattooer Luxiano. Phil America is the guest host on this one. I kind of took a back seat. Luxiano has contributed to graffiti abroad, but choose to not talk about that as much as what’s he’s got going on now. The conversation was very intriguing to me. It’s a rarity to talk to someone who’s lived abroad. Those things are super interesting to me. He paints a pretty vivid picture of stuff that wouldn’t be in the tourist brochure. I think a lot of times in North America we only get to see the surface of a country, community, or culture through the media. Luxiano is straight up and really explains what it’s like to run into a cop in other lands, being processed at a jail in a 3rd world country, and many other experiences. Long story short he’s a good solid guy and has a lot of experiences. Check it out and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Also the two songs he picked for his intro and close were Body Count – Cop Killer and Niska – Commando. As always there’s a few pictures on the website he sent in. Don’t sleep on checking that out. Thanks again to Luxiano and Phil here’s the links to their IG


Ryoe and I do the close. We finally get through some of the mail from the podcast.
Next week will be with Detr HOD KOG. He’s an awesome dude and looking forward to you hearing that one too.
Tonight a bunch of updates will be on the online store. It should all be ready tomorrow morning. There’s been a weird glitch in the store where it’s not removing stuff from the inventory. My plan is manually updating it every time an order comes in until Erik fixes it. Which shouldn’t be a problem. Well thanks for tuning in and enjoy the week.