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121 Isto TCI


Episode 121 is with Isto TCI.
This was recorded on site in a recent trip down south. We never had met before, so I have to take this train to a spot and he picks me up. I’m hoping it wasn’t going to be a tindr/grindr date gone wrong situation. We bullshit for about an hour go over the notes and eat. It was a really cool experience and I’m extremely happy how this one came out. He requested to not talk about graffiti. He didn’t want another typical graffiti interview. Which as some of you know had me hyped, since that’s what I also prefer. The subjects we covered were more about life experiences and interests. He talks about the town he grew up in, the music he’s into, family life, being a father, career related stuff, and a host of other things. Long story short Isto is a really good guy and his perspective is awesome. Talented painter and has been at it for a long while. Hope you enjoy this one half as much as I enjoyed recorded it. Thanks again to him for doing this and also Space for hooking this up. Don’t forget to check out the Isto flicks on the website there’s a lot of good ones in there. The two song’s he picked for his intro and close were Electric Wizard – I, The Witchfinder and Black Sabbath – Snowblind

We haven’t recorded the episode for next week, so we can’t say what’s coming up. We put the new issue of Train Gang in the online store, so don’t miss that as well as some other goodies. I’ll be sending out a ton of LT care packages over the next week, so if you’ve been on the show in the last 8 months be on the look out. As always I suck at mail. Stay safe out there.