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124 Railroad Workers 2017 part 1 of 2


Episode 124 is with Railroad workers. This is part one the second episode should come out in a few days. Hopefully by the weekend. There’s 4 people on this one and 3 on the next one. Great experience, but to turn the hands back in time lets go to the episode we did last year with two workers. That was the catalyst that lead to this one. After that one I felt we only scratched the surface. Plus that one was so much fun I thought lets do it again, but this time have more people on from all over North America. Well it was even more fun and just a great time. Lots of good info and stories. Hope you enjoy and we want to thank all 9 workers that made these episodes possible. There’s a shit ton of flicks they sent in so check those out on the site. Since there were so many people on this there’s multiple songs and here’s the lists of song’s they picked for both episodes. Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues, Ministry – Scarecrow, Sole – Da Baddest Poet, Tiger Army – Outlaw Heart, Warren Zevon – Nighttime In The Switching Yard, and Wheresawill – Back With A Vengeance

I updated the store’s stock again. Can Control and City Limits just sent us some stuff so check that out. We have a few of the Train Gang Magazine’s left (plus some of their combo packs if you’re interested please DM us). Well thanks again for all the support.