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128 Bernd DIB


Epiosde 128 is with Bernd DIB. As far as younger writers go he’s one of them who really impresses me. He’s constantly pushing himself to really take his painting to another level. Anyone who’s caught one of his end to end’s knows this. His attention to detail and porportions reallyy makes you want to step it up. There’s a bar in graffiti. You either ride under that bar and do substandard graffiti or just get it right at that bar. The other option is raising that bar and pushing yourself to the limit. Bernd raises that bar and continues to push the people around him to do better graffiti. Our culture needs more writers like him. Hope you enjoy his thoughts and experiences on this episode. As with any of the episodes that have a voice changer there’s a buzz. I’m sorry about that annoyance. I changed the levels on it and tried to make it as tolerable as possible. Hope you’re able to power through it. Thanks to Bernd and all of DIB crew for helping with this. Also big thank you to Ryoe for taking over on most of the episode. There’s a bunch of Bernd flicks on the site, so check that out and also his two songs were Moon Taxi – Change and Aesop Rock – Daylight.

Next week we will have Eros AKB TCI on. We will probably shoot for a Tuesday release on that one. Stay safe out there and see you next week.