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129 Eros one73 AKB TCI A.D.


Episode 129 is with Eros one73 AKB TCI A.D. He’s a legend and has been writing for 30 years. I huge influence on me and I’m blessed to call him a friend. It’s a weird situation. One year you’re standing in front of his pieces being blown away. Fast forward 20 years later I’m doing a legal wall with him and Ryoe. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone with his insight and love for the culture. He’s given back to the culture locally in the Twin Cities, so much in ways that most of us wouldn’t think of. He’s an amazing individual and he’s very candid in this episode about his life with our culture, but also his personal one. You can really tell when he puts his mind to something he’s all in and dedicated. Whether it be dance, fatherhood, his career, art, fishing, etc he wants to be the best he can be at it. Well sit back and relax and enjoy this episode. There’s a bunch of flicks on the site from his flickr and his two songs are Rage Against The Machine – Renegades Of Funk and Lord Finesse Return Of The Funky Man. Thanks again Eros.

Thanks for listening and all the support. April will be the last month of the podcast. The count down has started, so to speak. I’ve got the final list and will start contacting those who have agreed to be on the podcast. We will see who still wants to be on in that list. There will also be a few episodes not focused on one person in particular, but a subject matter or theme. Stay tuned.

If all goes correct Thursday’s episode will be with another younger writer Hamek ETC.