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131 Attorney At Law part 2 with Joseph Sullivan

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Episode 131 is our second episode with an Attorney Of Law. This one is with Joseph Sullivan. He’s been a friend of mine for a little while now. One of my favorite people to talk to on the phone. Just a wealth of knowledge and amazing person. In this episode he talks about his experiences personally and the current trend nationally, so sit back and listen up. You’ll learn some shit. Also check out the first episode too. They both are full of information and life advice. Thanks again to Joe for doing this. It’s been a long time coming. He sent a bunch of flicks and the music is from one of him personally (he’s also a DJ).

Next episode will be with two of the founding members of LTS from LA. This crew had a huge effect on the scene nationally and beyond. It was a dream come true. Siner and Mark7 were so kind and it wouldn’t of been possible without Arbe hooking it up.