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132 LTS Mark7 Siner


Episode 132 is with Mark7 and Siner from LTS. Two of the original members of LTS from LA. This crew had a huge effect on the scene nationally and beyond. It pains me greatly when I hear of younger writers who haven’t heard of them. For those of you who don’t know get familiar. Siner @sinerlts and Mark7 @mowk7 were so kind and it wouldn’t of been possible without Arbe @arbekoglts hooking it up. The crew did so much good work. Whether it was the mid 80’s all the way up to now they had so much effect on painting and raised the bar national. Truthfully their influence on me and my friends thousands of miles away is intense, but not just limited to us. This episode focuses on those two members and their experience with writing and life. Where they came from and who they’ve become. I really can’t thank them enough for welcoming me into their home and lives. If all goes correctly there will be another LTS episode in the coming weeks before the podcast is done. There’s a bunch of pictures on the website, so as always check that out. Plus the intro and close songs were KRAM – NEVES and KRAM NEVES ARCHIEVES TAG BANGER by MARK 7.

Next episode will be with 3 different benchers/photographers from California. @spforever_trainbooks @bobross75 @_aerosolfiends_

The podcast is winding down and we probably only have 10 episodes or so left. Special thanks to all out sponsors, and supporters for keeping this going. It’s been a great project.