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133 California Benchers/Photographers


Episode 133 is with three benchers/photographers from California @_aerosolfiends_ @bobross75 @spforever_trainbooks. I’m super excited that this finally got done. This episode has been in the works for a long time. Originally it was planned to do an episode with each of them, but it made more sense to do them all together. That way you get to hear each of their thoughts and experiences. In our culture lately it seems like there’s more people shitting on benchers more than ever before. There’s a lot of arguments and gripes writers have with them, but at the end of the day they’re here to stay and the ones that are selflessly documenting our stuff and doing it justice deserve respect. Well sit back and relax and listen. We want to thank all three of these guys. It was truly a pleasure sitting down and talking to each one of them. They all sent in flicks and I separated them on the website post, so you can tell which flicks are from who. The songs they picked are as follows.

Aerosolfiends-Cormega – Fallen Soldiers Remix

BobRoss75 – John Lee Hooker – Back Biters And Syndicaters (Bluesway)

Southern Pacific Forever-Boats ‘N Hoes Step Brothers Soundtrack

Next episode will be with Merz. Not sure when it’ll come out. I’m kind of burnt out on the podcast and made the decision that the last ones will come out at my leisure. I felt like I was trying to rush and force them out. I’d rather take my time with each one and drop them as I see fit. Maybe I should change the name to Legends Whenever I Get Around To It Podcast.

There’s a new LT shirt designed by Biafra CBS that should be in the online store this weekend. It’s only going to be pre order. Also I’ll be adding a few new magazines to it this weekend sometime. Thanks everyone for their support.

Aerosol Fiend flicks

Bob Ross Flicks

Southern Pacific Forever

  • Nora

    Great episode. Learned a lot of history. I take flicks but, dont write. I didnt even call myself a bencher for a while because I didnt feel legit I guess. But screw that. I love trains. I was doing it before I even knew it was a thing. I do it for myself and the amazing artists that roll out.