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134 Merz


Episode 134 is with Merz. A writer that started in Cincy and then traveled all over. Eventually landing in NY and really doing a lot over a few years. His art is another one of those that had a strong affect on me while I was coming up. He’s letters just had a strength to them. Just impressive and tough looking. I super pumped and I’m glad he was one of the last episodes. He’s seen a lot of life and had some interesting experiences. He’s also very candid about what he’s going through right now. Well check it out and hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it. Thanks Merz and to When for hooking it up. Don’t forget to check out the flicks on the website. There’s some real bangers in there for sure.
His intro and close songs are as follows. Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy – Thunder Road and Double Welfare – Work cart.

Preorder for LT shirts should be up this weekend. There will be 2 Biafra designs one new and one older, Clown, and Pen One. Half of all the profit will go to the artists that designed them. They will all be printed on american made fabric too. This will be the last chance to get them.

Next episode is being recorded over this week and will be released soon. We sit down and talk to a few people from the graffiti community about the current snitch culture. (There will be no names dropped or finger pointing.) Just people talking about their view points, opinions, and experiences.