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135 Snitch Episode


Episode 135 is with 6 different people talking about their experiences, thoughts, opinions, etc on informants, snitches, rats, or whatever term you use to describe them. This episode has been in the works for a while now. Maybe over a year. I remember brain storming about different subjects to cover. Then it hit me that would be a good one to explore, but I didn’t want to just have a surface bullshit episode that just presents it as “Fuck Snitches”. It was a necessity to go deeper and really delve into it. It would be a must to have multiple guests from many different walks of life. A really diverse group, so here’s the line up. The first was Joe Sullivan Attorney at Law. I feel extremely fortunate and thankful to have a lawyer to talk about his perspective. Many thanks to him. Then I knew Daze would be interested. He does a lot of stuff with Cop Watch and police accountability projects. A really unique experience when you think about it. Then Phil America who’s been snitched on and has a lot to say about this subject from his personal experiences traveling the world. Asic ETC always knows how to really present things in a black and white way. It’s like his gift and is very important to present that view point. The last two were so close to not happening, so I’m super happy that those came together. You have Mines FST who talks about two pretty rough situations. What happens if you befriend a writer with special needs and then they get tricked by the police into informing on you? We aren’t vilifying that person, so listen to the whole story before you cast judgement. The second was one of his closest friends turning on him and that experience. The last guest is Learn YME who talks about when he was a very young writer and not being educated on how to handle himself. I really appreciate him being so candid and talking about that. The hope is it’ll teach younger writers to not fall into the same situations.

I hope that was short and sweet but still a good description. Please check it out. Ryoe and I do the close and catch up on the large amount of email from the last month. Hopefully the next episode will be out soon. Shooting for next week. Don’t want to make you wait another 4 weeks. Also let it be known there are no names mentioned in this episode, so if that’s what you seek I’d suggest checking out a different podcast or graffiti media. We aren’t interested in being the TMZ of graf.

A few side notes. There’s an art show with work from many of the guests and friends of the podcast. It’s showing from tomorrow night until late July at Legacy Glass Works in Minneapolis. Check it out if you’re in the area. There is a lot of art and stuff donated to go up for auction with all the money going to a local non profit adoption group.

Preorder shirts arrived at Biafra’s and will be getting printed and sent out next week.

Thanks everyone for being patient while this cold was fucking me up. It wasn’t too bad but the cough was ridiculous and would of ruined any conversations. Doctor says it’ll be gone by next week.

  • Jerome Gonzalez

    I feel like you read Pothole Lol! such a sad episode, but in a real way. Thanks LT