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136 Tre and Pike re-release

Here is the re-release of the Tre and Pike episode. Tre/Jay passed away yesterday. He was a great guy and one of the most comical people I’ve ever met. Even in the start of this episode he’s flipping out about painting model trains and it’s hilarious. He could always make me laugh and I know I’m not the only one. #riptre

As some of you know the podcast is coming to an end. After much thought the last 24 hours. It’s become apparent that I need to add two episodes to the final list. The most obvious is a Tre episode where the close people to him share stories and experiences. The second is something I’ve been wanting todo for 2 years, but it always fell through and couldn’t get going. An episode on addiction. If anyone is interested in saying a few words for either of those episodes please contact me on DM or email. I’ll start reaching out to people tonight too.

  • Jerome Gonzalez

    fuck you fuck yo fuck you LT!! even as an art enthusiast, why can’t you have been available to me before I sprayed back in 97. So much learned this episode alone. RIP TRE. Seriously though mad love to LT.