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140 Addiction Episode 1


Episode 140 is the first of a two part series on Addiction. The second episode will be released next week. This one has 7 guests and they all talk about their different experiences with addiction so, I’m going to be brutally honest. These two episodes were extremely hard for me. As someone who’s never done drugs and only drank a few times. I kept telling myself it wasn’t my place. I kept questioning myself on why I should be the one to do attempt something like this. It’s such a sensitive subject and I really didn’t want to upset, trigger, or just offend anyone. As these things were bouncing around my head, Finally Pure 3A ASH just knocked some sense into me and said stop fucking around and do it. I was making it about me or some shit in my head and it’s not. It’s about what this podcast was about from the beginning. This is to give back to the graffiti culture. Addiction is a terrible thing and with the current epidemic ripping our subculture apart. It’s also wreaking havoc in all of North America and beyond. This is a huge issue and I’m sure these two episode will only scratch the surface. I hope these episodes help at least someone out there in need. If you are struggling with addiction please reach out to your friends, family, loved ones, the IG accounts mentioned below, or anyone who can help. @raxxcity_pa @bigpoppakep

You can even hit me up and I’ll forward your messages to people who can help. Stay safe out there. Also I want to extend a huge thank you out to everyone who’s helped make these two episodes happen.

  • Paul Lukes

    Thanks for taking the time to do this Coupe. We know you don’t make money from this and it takes a lot of time and on behalf of recovering addict graff heads, THANK YOU for taking the time to do this. So important.