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145 Espo


Episode 145 is with Espo. This is the second to the last episode of the LT podcast. What can you say about Espo that hasn’t been said before? He’s contributed to graffiti and our culture’s media for years. Some older folks will remember On The Go Magazine. I really wanted to focus on it, because to me that had such an immense impact on the culture. As far as I know it had the largest circulation of any graffiti/hip hop magazine. I also wanted to hear him talk about The Art Of Getting Over, because that was another big event for us and a different generation. We also talked about a host of other subjects, but I don’t want to blow any surprises. A huge thanks again to Espo for doing this. There’s some flicks he sent in that you gotta see. So check those out on the LT website. I also added a few I had laying around or stole off the net. The songs he picked for his intro and close were Beat Bop – Rammellzee + K-Rob and Golden Slumbers Carry That Weight – The End (which I believe is a Beatles cover or remix?). Biafra and Ryoe are on the close.

Well the next episode is it. Pretty much all of the parts are recorded and just have to be mixed. It’s multiple guests who’ve been on the podcast before and they were all asked “whats a positive way one can give back to the graffiti culture?” If you’ve been on the podcast and want to talk about this please hit me up soon! We also mention in the close that if you the listeners of the podcast want to send in your thoughts on this topic/question please do and we’ll read and respond to those on that episode’s close. Thanks to everyone who’s helped and supported the podcast through the years.

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