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#57 Legends Thursday with Jeff and Ian from the YME film

Still of the day 9-6-13

Episode #57 Jeff and Ian from the film Year-Round Metal Enjoyment. This was recorded on location in Portland, Maine. This two have an amazing and truly impressive view and love for documenting graffiti in the New England area. Sometimes while on these road trips to interview people I don’t really know what to expect. Am I going to be contributing to the leeches who are sucking the heart and soul out of graffiti? On the other hand will they be the coolest fuckers I’ve met in a while? This trip every person I met was super solid. People who really love our art form and respect it. It was fucking badass. All the way down the line. If any one wants to meet some solid people in this culture I’d take a trip up to New England. Like many of the other trips was super awesome and can’t wait to go back.

Jeff and Ian need your help to get this movie out around the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Listen to the podcast and they go into detail how we can make this happen. Solo and I are going to do our best to get a showing in Minneapolis.

I want to thank Kevin, Kaytee, YME, The Solo Artist, Ian, Jeff, Space, Spek (Spek’s folks), Curls, all of their Female Readers, and everyone else I saw on this trip. It was fucking phenomenal.

Next episode will be a writers meeting in Portland, Maine.
Then an interview with Spek, Space, and Curls from the Boston area.