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#72 Pen One


Months ago Pen one either reached out to me or I found him on the old social media. For the life of me I can’t remember. We had a few conversations and each time I walked away with a pretty cool perspective or learned something. He told me all about a dope sign painter that he discovered while visiting Minnesota years ago. The story of finding and meeting that person was pretty amazing. I had a feeling Pen would be rock solid on an episode. Once we started this conversation I knew it was going to be insightful with plenty of jokes and humor mixed in. He’s been all around the world for graffiti and design. He came from upstate New York and his introduction into graffiti is very unique. It seems like his work ethic and humbleness helped him in design. I can’t say too much about it without blowing surprises, so check out the episode. There’s a bunch of cool pictures on the website. Please check those out. They go super well with the episode. Also if you want to contact him here’s his instagram handle @con_rails Thanks again Pen. Looking forward to doing it again.

No episode this Monday. See you guys on Thursday next week. We’re shooting to release a recycling episode, but no promises yet if that will be it.