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#78 Karma KIW


Epsiode 78 is with Karma KIW. This one has been in the making for months. She’s an extremely private person and lives the double life of graffiti/professional like no one else I’ve ever seen. My respect for her is second to none. She gets up in situations that most writers would never think of. I can’t show her enough appreciation for sitting down with me. Her hand is amazing as well as her other art (sketches, photography, etc). I really hope we have her on again and it was pretty awesome hanging out and talking to her. There’s a slight buzzing on this one from the voice changer, because I believe the mics were too close. We used it on this episode to protect the innocent. I really want to thank KR from Graff Mag and Jester IYA TKU for helping this happen.

This episode and the next three were all recorded in person in New York. Sunday/Monday with be a team up show with Alski from the podcast The Alski Show. Next Thursday will be with Mone TFP. Also thanks to them Spel, Alski’s family, Intel, and Spice FST.

Tomorrow’s the last day you can buy the Clown TITS shirt, so don’t sleep on that.

  • Matthew Baylor

    S’ All Good Karma Round Here.
    Thanks first to that Lady Herself,
    For keeping the Streets Lovely!
    And Thank you Legends, for keeping me posted!

    Stay Up.

  • Blackbookology

    One of the dopest styles