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#81 Case Bloom From Tucker and Bloom Bags


Episode 81 is with Case Bloom from the bag manufacturer Tucker and Bloom. Case is another person who’s came out of writing and hip hop culture. He talks about experiences from his past, but also what he and his family are doing with their company. American made stuff is something Solo and I feel very strongly about. Here’s a chance to hear about it from the other side. The people who run a business and are trying to do all the “right” things. I really appreciate Case sitting down with us. It was so eye opening and really makes you think. Plus shows there’s a lot of opportunities for skilled labor in the U.S. you just have to find them, before they’re completely gone. He was also kind enough to offer a discount for the listeners. You have to listen to the episode for the code. It’s limited to only 10 people. Well 9 after I put in my order. Thanks again Case it was a pleasure sitting down with you. Also big thanks to @beatlabusa for hooking this up.

There’s some pictures and video on the website, so check all those out. I’ll post a few previews through the day on IG. The music Case choose was
“The Blacker The Berry · Kendrick Lamar”

See you guys next Thursday. I’ll be releasing who that episode will be hopefully by Monday.

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Tucker and Bloom

Tucker and Bloom

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