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#82 Christian Acker Author of Flip The Script


Episode #82 is with Christian Acker Author of Flip The Script and creator of the website which is also connected to this youtube channel and instagram @handselecta

Christian starting this project 10 years ago and you can tell it’s a huge labor of love. Instead of taking the spotlight he’s been vigilant about the writers in these projects to be the focus. Telling their story. It’s a humble perspective and I respect it a ton. Every writer should own this book. It breaks down so much history on the hand, tag, print, signature, etc. I learned so much from it and really appreciate his work on these projects. He’s also offering a discount code on his site for the LT listeners. You’ll have to check out the episode to get the code. (He did mention this morning he was having some difficulty getting the discount code to work, but if it’s not fixed by today it should be soon.)

He sent some cool videos and flicks, check those out on the website since there will only be a previews on the IG.

Thanks again Christian. Here are the songs he picked.
7 Seconds – Red & Black
Warzone- Don’t Forget The Struggle, Don’t Forget The Streets

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