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#83 Daze TN


Episode 83 is with Daze TN. Talk about a person who has so many layers to his history and life. Coming up in a non traditional graffiti city he’s really pushed it and put the work in. He talks about so much cool stuff. There’s a ton of stuff on the “hidden track” if you will. You don’t want to miss out on that. Thank you so much Daze it was bad ass and I look forward to having you on again. Also Gamble for hooking this up. There’s some flicks on the website don’t forget about those.

Also the two song’s Daze picked out were.
Jawbreaker – Do You Still Hate Me
Ringworm – Justice Replaced By Revenge

There’s some new stuff on the website. Don’t sleep on checking that out. More stuff will be put on later tonight and tomorrow.

  • KO

    Man, I’m stoked that you guys spoke with Daze. I’m from a town nearby to Birmingham and coming up doing graffiti in a town where graffiti doesn’t exist, Daze was always a huge inspiration to me. You can’t go anywhere in Birmingham without seeing something from Daze. I’d love to listen to some more podcasts with some more Birmingham writers!

    • Coupe Graffiti

      thank you

    • ratfcht

      what you write?