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#91 Stack 2ZC AKB


I talked to Stack last week. He has so much history and was kind enough to share. It was pretty enlightening finding out about his history. A lot of good stories and as always I’m very grateful to him and any of our guests who are willing to do the show. Whether it was talking about life as a young kid playing the cello, coming up in Albuqurque, living in Vancouver years ago, or his interests. He really paints a detailed picture of his life experiences. He has a really unique style that’s pretty amazing, so check out the flicks he sent on the website. There’s some amazing history within those too. Thanks again Stack.
The songs he picked were WAR – Slippin’ Into Darkness and Micranots – Farward.

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As many of you will notice theres a new intro. This one will last 3-6 months also. I didn’t notice the mixing and levels were a little off until I had put together this whole podcast. I fixed it now but some might have downloaded the original one that was messed up. Press refresh and it should fix it.

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