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#96 Kane from Toronto


Episode 96 is with Kane from Toronto. This was the first episode of 7 recorded from our Canada trip. Kane is an amazing individual he’s been writing for a very long time. He’s got a huge history in the culture. Traveled all over. He had a website that documented the Toronto scene. This is his time to shine and I hope this does him justice.

I’m so glad we were even able to make this happen. This was one of the most difficult episodes to record. Between our equipment not arriving in Canada on time and having to use the old set up, plus about another half a dozen hurtles. Through the whole process Kane was extremely understanding. He’s truly a legend, kind soul, and talks about a lot of very educational things. Once again Kane thank you. He sent in a ton of flicks make sure to check those out on the website.
He choose the songs Masta Ace – Again. (Produced by my long time crew mate DJ Serious) for the intro and Brass Construction – Got Myself Together for the close.

Next episode will drop in a few days with Sae, followed by Rove, Kamit, Beast from Visual Orgasm, Tars, and Virus. my original plan was to drop them all in a week, but with work that won’t happen. It’ll probably take about 2 weeks at least.

Oh Canada!!!