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#97 Sae CTS Fr8ophiles


Episode 97 is with Sae from CTS and Fr8ophiles. I’ve known about him for a long time. He’s good friends with Mines. I’ve caught a few of this freights in the last year, super well traveled, and a good dude. He showed us around his home city and was extremely nice to make us feel welcome.

Sae’s has a deep history with graffiti. He has a lot of really cool perspective and experiences. I really enjoyed sitting down and talking to him. The conversation goes into a lot of different subjects outside graffiti there’s The Wheat Board, traveling through different parts of North America, Stanley Kubrick, and a ton of other stuff. Can’t thank him enough for doing this and being a great host. The songs he picked for his intro and close was Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun and Strontium 90. There’s a bunch of his flicks on the website, so check those out too.

Next episode will be with Rove CBS and should drop on Thursday or Friday depending on work schedules. Followed by Kamit, Beast from Visual Orgasm, Tars, and Virus.