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#98 Rove CBS


Episode 98 is with Rove CBS. In my opinion Rove is part of one of the greatest freight combos ever. I’ve personally seen a shit ton of Rove and Theory freights. The old ones and new ones. There’s always been a consistency with their stuff getting better and higher quality. The improvement and pushing themselves each time is just awesome. They’ve done the work and I can’t show my appreciation enough to him for doing this. Our schedules didn’t work out the best, so this is the one episode from the Canadian trip that was done over the phone. After listening to this episode in the mixing part it really hit me how much stuff he shared and the humbleness will blow your mind. He’s says at the very end (on the hidden track if you will) “I’d rather send stuff I’ve benched of other peoples freights than my own. Is that cool?” FUCK YEAH that’s cool Rove! It’s always so refreshing when people are on and shift the focus off of themselves and onto people who they look up to. It really shows a certain amount of integrity and class. Thank you again Rove for doing this. You’re the man.

Next up will be with Kamit. Then followed by Beast from Visual Orgasm, Tars, and Virus.