About Coupe

Coupe wrote graffiti from 1997-2007 and mostly in the Midwest with a few trips down south and the coasts. Primarily trying to be diverse and well rounded. He retired in 2007-2008 and does a podcast and an Instagram post that share the same name “Legends Thursday”. They usually get dropped twice a week. It started out on Thursdays around noon eastern, but added another one for Monday mornings. It’s his way to give back to the graffiti community. It spot lights writers and artists that inspired him whether that be from his past or present.

  • Peyton,

    Hey man, i would love to talk possible get an interview….?

  • Case

    Ayo huge fan of this podcast,will support any way possible… Keep it up!! Much love from Jersey!

  • burque

    He man just wanted to say you and you’re team are doing a dope job with this podcast business, there isn’t really nothing like this. These interviews are gems! —-peace from new mexico

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  • RainingLogic

    Keep up the great work man!

    • Coupe Graffiti

      thank you

  • James Reitano

    Great idea and great podcasts gents! Keep it up!

    • Coupe Graffiti

      thank you appreciate it