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141 Addiction Episode 2


Episode 141 is the second part of the Addiction series. The first one was more focused on the recovering addicts, men, and what they’ve gone through personally. This one has that, but it was very important to me to get more women talking about their personal experiences and also the family member, lover, nurse, dealer, drug counselor etc. I wanted to get as many different perspectives as I could to talk about how this affects us all. These episodes are meant to go together as a set. Don’t listen to one without the other. Thanks to all the people who helped out with both of them.

I want to thank everyone for being patient while I was putting this one together. Ryoe and I discuss it on the close. Long story short the LT computer is on it’s last leg. We hope we’ll be able to sneak out the last few episodes on it. If not we will figure something else out.
Next episode will be the graffiti wives episode. TFR is finishing off the interviews this weekend and hopefully we can mix that one and put it out quickly. Please don’t put in any orders on the LT site over the next or so, because we’re going to clearance everything off soon.

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140 Addiction Episode 1


Episode 140 is the first of a two part series on Addiction. The second episode will be released next week. This one has 7 guests and they all talk about their different experiences with addiction so, I’m going to be brutally honest. These two episodes were extremely hard for me. As someone who’s never done drugs and only drank a few times. I kept telling myself it wasn’t my place. I kept questioning myself on why I should be the one to do attempt something like this. It’s such a sensitive subject and I really didn’t want to upset, trigger, or just offend anyone. As these things were bouncing around my head, Finally Pure 3A ASH just knocked some sense into me and said stop fucking around and do it. I was making it about me or some shit in my head and it’s not. It’s about what this podcast was about from the beginning. This is to give back to the graffiti culture. Addiction is a terrible thing and with the current epidemic ripping our subculture apart. It’s also wreaking havoc in all of North America and beyond. This is a huge issue and I’m sure these two episode will only scratch the surface. I hope these episodes help at least someone out there in need. If you are struggling with addiction please reach out to your friends, family, loved ones, the IG accounts mentioned below, or anyone who can help. @raxxcity_pa @bigpoppakep

You can even hit me up and I’ll forward your messages to people who can help. Stay safe out there. Also I want to extend a huge thank you out to everyone who’s helped make these two episodes happen.

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139 Ouija DF 3A


Episode 139 is with Ouija DF 3A. A few weeks ago Ouija came up on my IG feed, and right then I just thought FUCK I need to try and get an episode with him before I put it down. Back in the day he was so up in the magazines and his style was fucking original plus he could just kill a straight letters. One of those diverse writers. I ended up going back and forth with it. Should I ask him to be on or not? It was a really tough question. In the mean time I bought some art from him. The whole time he was so professional and asking how I wanted it shipped, if I wanted it matted, etc. I’ve been blessed by purchasing and receiving a lot of really good art from writers and artists. When the art arrives you can typically tell right away who knows how to ship something and when someone doesn’t no what the fuck their doing. Obviously the latter has a higher chance of being damaged too which I’ve had happen. Not too many things suck more than buying something just to have to fix it right out of the box. Ouija came with it when he shipped the art and can’t be more happy. I would strongly suggest you find his IG and contact him to buy some art or those spray paint can/pen holders. (There’s a picture of them on the LT website). He sell really good quality stuff. As far as the episode goes, he did really well covered his life and writing. Thanks again Ouija for doing this I really enjoyed it. the two songs he picked for his intro and close were TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me and Ohia – Blue Chicago Moon. Ryoe and I do the close with special guests Space and Philly The Owner Of Spinellis.

Next week hopefully I’ll be dropping one of two episodes focused on addiction. We’ve lost a lot of writers in the culture lately. I think it’s time to try and discuss this issue. I don’t know what will come from it, but my hope is it helps people who are struggling whether it’s their own addiction or their loved ones. These type of episodes take a lot of time in the mixing and editing process, so don’t be surprised if it takes 2 weeks.

We’re going to try and clear everything out of the LT online store. There will be a discount code available soon. We just have to wait for a little while. Erik the main person behind the website and technical part of the podcast stays in Miami. He’s good which is great, but just like so many people down there he doesn’t have power. Once everything get more normal down there we’ll do that promotion, so please be patient.

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138 Noah AOK TFP


Episode 139 is with Noah TFP AOK.

After recording and mixing the episode Noah shoots me this message “is it possible to write in the post that I wanted to mention that I’m thankful to my Mom the artist and my Pops the writer for passing on the creative genes? If it weren’t for them I’d be a coal miner”. In that one statement it says a lot about Noah as a man, an artist, and a writer. While others might be concerned about how they came off in the podcast he was more concerned to give his parents a certain amount of shine. Being thankful to your parents is so rare in graf culture it really hit me. Thank you, Noah for doing this. The episode sits right about an hour with Ryoe and special guest Biafra on the close. We recorded this one a few weeks ago. Just haven’t had time to edit and mix it together because of my life shit. Long story short, Noah is a good guy and solid artist. He talks about a bunch of experiences you won’t find in a typical graffiti interview. Those are always my favorite episodes, it paints a much stronger picture of the person. Talking about saving animals and gentrification of your neighborhood is far from normal conversation in a graffiti interview. Well hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing this. The songs he picked were Funkadelic – America Eats Its Young – 10 – Biological Speculation and Black Sabbath – Snow Blind. There’s a shit ton of flicks from him on the site, so don’t forget to check those out. If memory serves me correctly I want to thank Tars and Mone for making this happen.

Next week’s episode is with Ouija and the close with have Ryoe, Space, and Philly owner of Spinellis. The last few weeks have been pretty intense for me in my personal life. Now that work is entering the slow time of the year and all these life events have passed I’ll be able to put more focus on these last 10 or so episodes and release them more on a regular schedule. I’m also going to try and clear out the online store with discounts over the next few weeks, catch up on all the mail, and email.

Thanks to all of our sponsors as always.

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137 Jrock LTS KOG


Episode 137 is with Jrock LTS KOG. We recorded this one over a month ago. Arbe hooked this one up, so he deserves big thanks for that. Jrock not only talks about his life (which is btw super interesting and I’ll cover that in a minute), he talks about that second generations of LTS. His good friend Ayer RIP and many other things. As an older writer I’m well aware some of you don’t know about the strong contributions to graffiti LTS/KOG made and still make. I don’t want this to come off as talking down to younger generations. I’ve seen too many older writers do that. I think it’s more important to talk to you as equals, so it’ll hopefully make you want to look this stuff up and see the positive contributions to our culture. Then you can see and hear for yourself why it’s important to our culture. Those crews inspired me in the past and continue to this day. They really pushed piece bombing and spots to another level. You can see their influence in a lot of graffiti currently. I can’t say it enough how happy I am to try to shine a light on those things currently and from the past.
Now Jrock is a larger than life person. He accomplished so much with writing and then built off of that into academia. When you listen to the episode you’ll see. I don’t want to blow any other surprises, so I’ll just end it there.

His songs were Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animals and Dr Dre – Let Me Ride. Most of the flicks were pulled from the internet and social media. Aerosol Feinds sent one too big thanks to them to, so give them a follow.

The close of the episode is with Ryoe, Detr, and Terrance from Heavy Pedal (bicycle clothing he also eludes to an LT/HP bike kit to be released soon). We review this episode, talk about our RAGBRAI experience, and cover the mail. It’s comical and a lot of uncontrolled chaos, so hope you enjoy it. Next week if everything goes well will be with Noah TFP.

Also wanted to thank a few of our sponsors specifically, Art Primo, Cap Matches Color, Spinellis, City Limits, Can Control, Tales From The Rails, Graffiti Black Books, Tiny Giants, End2Ends, TYO Toys, and all the rest (ran out of characters on this post).