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145 Espo


Episode 145 is with Espo. This is the second to the last episode of the LT podcast. What can you say about Espo that hasn’t been said before? He’s contributed to graffiti and our culture’s media for years. Some older folks will remember On The Go Magazine. I really wanted to focus on it, because to me that had such an immense impact on the culture. As far as I know it had the largest circulation of any graffiti/hip hop magazine. I also wanted to hear him talk about The Art Of Getting Over, because that was another big event for us and a different generation. We also talked about a host of other subjects, but I don’t want to blow any surprises. A huge thanks again to Espo for doing this. There’s some flicks he sent in that you gotta see. So check those out on the LT website. I also added a few I had laying around or stole off the net. The songs he picked for his intro and close were Beat Bop – Rammellzee + K-Rob and Golden Slumbers Carry That Weight – The End (which I believe is a Beatles cover or remix?). Biafra and Ryoe are on the close.

Well the next episode is it. Pretty much all of the parts are recorded and just have to be mixed. It’s multiple guests who’ve been on the podcast before and they were all asked “whats a positive way one can give back to the graffiti culture?” If you’ve been on the podcast and want to talk about this please hit me up soon! We also mention in the close that if you the listeners of the podcast want to send in your thoughts on this topic/question please do and we’ll read and respond to those on that episode’s close. Thanks to everyone who’s helped and supported the podcast through the years.

Keep It Positive

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144 Corpse RTD HD


Episode 144 is with Corpse RTD HD. This was hooked up through Size21. I’ve been seeing his freights a lot the last couple years while benching. I’ve been pretty excited about this episode for a while, because we share many of the same letters. After talking to him I really get the sense he’s a solid dude. Talks about his sobriety open and candidly. He also covers traveling and actually seeing sights while he’s rolling through all these places. It’s good to hear about people actually experiences what all these cities, states, and places have to offer you. One of the biggest regrets I’ve had is not doing that. We all can learn a thing or two from Corpse. You can tell he’s a super genuine humble guy. Thanks again sir. The two songs he picked for his intro and close were Neil Young – Southern Man and The Rolling Stones- Shattered. Don’t forget to check out the flicks he sent in too. So many fucking great pieces and awesome signage.

Don’t know who’ll be the next episode but watch the IG for announcements. The take overs are as follows Sug TVC RTD this Saturday. Then Corpse will be getting the keys on Tuesday. That’ll be a first time a guest of the show does a take over the same week. Hopefully we can do that more down the stretch here. Then Artistik Funk will be doing a take over next Saturday.

Stickers are once again available on the online store. This will be the only thing on there for the not so distant future. Main reason being I suck at mail and want to keep it as easy as possible. If you want to support the podcast financial that’s the best way to do it. I think it’s $10 for around 30 LT stickers and a bunch from our sponsors and friends.

As always be Excellent To Each Other

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143 Goer


Episode 143 is with Goer. This is a short episode and a short post. We haven’t had one of those for so long it’s really nice and perfect timing. I meet Goer a few months ago and was impressed with him right out of the gate. Super humble dude and a great father. We have a bunch of mutual friends and he’s surrounded with super good dudes. There’s a saying you’re judged by the company you keep. After meeting him I can honestly say there’s never been truer words spoke. The two song’s he picked for his intro and close were Sean Price – Bar-Barian (Explicit) and Psycho Soul Vol 1 – How Long – Big Duke of Psycho Realm – Dr Zodiak – RSL VOL. 3. There’s a bunch of pics from him on the website so don’t forget to check those out. Thanks again Goer. Next episode will be with Corpse and should be out in about 2 weeks.

Check out the take overs coming up. Learn YME should be this Saturday, Pen One on Tuesday, and the guys from Cap Matches Color the following Saturday.

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142 The Graffiti Wives/Significant Others Episode


Episode 142 is the Graffiti Wives/Significant Others Episode. We’ve been working on this for over a year. It’s a strange feeling this one coming to an end and actually mixing it together, very surreal. I really thought it was dead in the water months ago, because the amount of road blocks we kept running into. I noticed right out of the gate a lot of the Canadians were just about it, but their U.S. counterparts not so much. I have an idea why. Having your wife on an episode really opens you up to a lot of stuff that is so out of the norm in the U.S. graffiti culture. A lot of walls come down and people will see an intimate part of your life. That’s why I really have to thank everyone who agreed to be on and also the guys who didn’t try to block it too. It’s really easy in this culture to take yourself too seriously. It happens to me all the time. When I edited it there were times I thought “what the fuck did she say that for? Really trying to throw me under the bus?” Then it hit me that’s what I like most about this episode. The brutal honest, humor, frustration, love, affection, and caring we have for each other. It’s dope that they can talk about those frustrations and clown on us just as much as they express how their life is better being in a relationship with one of us who don’t fit into the “norm”. Special thanks to the wives/significant others of Kamit, Rove, Theory, Boog, Power, Big Miles (Nikki), Mines (Venus), Biafra, and all the other ladies that participated

Don’t know what episode will come out next. Watch the IG feed to see when we release who or what it’ll be. As some of you know we’ve been having LT IG take overs. This has been pretty awesome and well received. I’m really excited about tomorrow’s with Asic ETC. Last weeks with Bernd DIB and then @im_jenn were pretty fucking amazing and they set the bar high. We will be shooting for two a week and leaning towards Tuesday and Saturdays. Other future take overs will be as follows.
4th @nicholas_gervin which will coincide with his book release and art show.
7th will be with LT’s cohost Ryoe.
11th with Rove CBS
14th with Pre (N)

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141 Addiction Episode 2


Episode 141 is the second part of the Addiction series. The first one was more focused on the recovering addicts, men, and what they’ve gone through personally. This one has that, but it was very important to me to get more women talking about their personal experiences and also the family member, lover, nurse, dealer, drug counselor etc. I wanted to get as many different perspectives as I could to talk about how this affects us all. These episodes are meant to go together as a set. Don’t listen to one without the other. Thanks to all the people who helped out with both of them.

I want to thank everyone for being patient while I was putting this one together. Ryoe and I discuss it on the close. Long story short the LT computer is on it’s last leg. We hope we’ll be able to sneak out the last few episodes on it. If not we will figure something else out.
Next episode will be the graffiti wives episode. TFR is finishing off the interviews this weekend and hopefully we can mix that one and put it out quickly. Please don’t put in any orders on the LT site over the next or so, because we’re going to clearance everything off soon.