• OPiATE

    ALoha, Just wanted to send some positive vibes your way and say how much i enjoy the podcasts your producing. As of recent I’ve been listening to them while i work as a commercial fisherman offshore on Cape Cod. It’s a great contrast being so far removed from the chaos of Graffiti world and hearing great tales and insight from so many different writers. I really enjoyed what Kwest had to say in your last interview about shopping American made products and its interconnectedness to keeping the North American rails alive. Keep up the great work and as a Boston writer coming up in the mid 90’s era Id love to hear from any of Boston’s finest if possible. RELM, ALERT, WOMBAT, ALONE, TARGET, MONK, MES, R.J, AVES, SPEK too many to mention. I know I’m biased but I feel so many Boston writers are overlooked yet are the full package in terms of bombing, piecing, tags, freights and unique style. Peace & Respect ..Happy 2016 OPiATE ( SOUL KONTROLL ) DFM,VLK,TKS