Episodes – By Date


145 Espo

Episode 145 is with Espo. This is the second to the last episode of the LT podcast. What can you say about Espo that hasn't ...
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144 Corpse RTD HD

Episode 144 is with Corpse RTD HD. This was hooked up through Size21. I've been seeing his freights a lot the last couple years while ...
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143 Goer

Episode 143 is with Goer. This is a short episode and a short post. We haven't had one of those for so long it's really ...
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142 The Graffiti Wives/Significant Others Episode

Episode 142 is the Graffiti Wives/Significant Others Episode. We've been working on this for over a year. It's a strange feeling this one coming to ...
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141 Addiction Episode 2

Episode 141 is the second part of the Addiction series. The first one was more focused on the recovering addicts, men, and what they've gone ...
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140 Addiction Episode 1

Episode 140 is the first of a two part series on Addiction. The second episode will be released next week. This one has 7 guests ...
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139 Ouija DF 3A

Episode 139 is with Ouija DF 3A. A few weeks ago Ouija came up on my IG feed, and right then I just thought FUCK ...
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138 Noah AOK TFP

Episode 139 is with Noah TFP AOK. After recording and mixing the episode Noah shoots me this message "is it possible to write in the ...
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137 Jrock LTS KOG

Episode 137 is with Jrock LTS KOG. We recorded this one over a month ago. Arbe hooked this one up, so he deserves big thanks ...
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136 Tre and Pike re-release

Here is the re-release of the Tre and Pike episode. Tre/Jay passed away yesterday. He was a great guy and one of the most comical ...
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135 Snitch Episode

Episode 135 is with 6 different people talking about their experiences, thoughts, opinions, etc on informants, snitches, rats, or whatever term you use to describe ...
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134 Merz

Episode 134 is with Merz. A writer that started in Cincy and then traveled all over. Eventually landing in NY and really doing a lot ...
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133 California Benchers/Photographers

Episode 133 is with three benchers/photographers from California @_aerosolfiends_ @bobross75 @spforever_trainbooks. I'm super excited that this finally got done. This episode has been in the ...
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132 LTS Mark7 Siner

Episode 132 is with Mark7 and Siner from LTS. Two of the original members of LTS from LA. This crew had a huge effect on ...
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131 Attorney At Law part 2 with Joseph Sullivan

Episode 131 is our second episode with an Attorney Of Law. This one is with Joseph Sullivan. He's been a friend of mine for a ...
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130 Hamek ETC WAR

Episode 130 is with Hamek ETC WAR. I met him last summer while passing through Seattle. He's pretty impressive when you start to think how ...
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129 Eros one73 AKB TCI A.D.

Episode 129 is with Eros one73 AKB TCI A.D. He's a legend and has been writing for 30 years. I huge influence on me and ...
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128 Bernd DIB

Epiosde 128 is with Bernd DIB. As far as younger writers go he's one of them who really impresses me. He's constantly pushing himself to ...
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127 Each2

Episode 127 is with Each2. I've been friends with him for decades. Always a super cool positive guy. One thing that blows me a way ...
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126 Mpeach

Episdoe 126 is with Mpeach. I've known him for a couple years now. Our friendship was kind of started in a strange way. Someone had ...
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125 Railroad Workers 2017 part 2 of 2

Note there will be two episodes dropping today. First episode 125 is part two of the 2017 workers episodes. My intention was to do most ...
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124 Railroad Workers 2017 part 1 of 2

Episode 124 is with Railroad workers. This is part one the second episode should come out in a few days. Hopefully by the weekend. There's ...
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123 Bates

Episode 123 is with Bates. He's from Denmark and has been writing since the 80's. His influence on the culture globally can't be questioned. He's ...
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122 Theory

Episode 122 is with Theory. One of the most mysterious writers you'll ever come across. Some things you'll hear in this conversation you'll probably never ...
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121 Isto TCI

Episode 121 is with Isto TCI. This was recorded on site in a recent trip down south. We never had met before, so I have ...
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120 Detr HOD KOG

Episode 120 is with Detr HOD KOG This episode was recored in Minneapolis. We were lucky enough to have Detr visit us here. I've liked ...
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119 Luxiano

Episode 119 is with a tattooer Luxiano. Phil America is the guest host on this one. I kind of took a back seat. Luxiano has ...
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118 Link SFB TA

Episode 118 is with Link SFB TA. If you've been benching the last few years you've probably seen this guy up. He's been killing it ...
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117 Jacob From Think Tank Gallery

Episode 117 is with Jacob from Think Tank Gallery in LA. We recorded this one on site with Phil America as a guest. Can't thank ...
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116 Never

Episode 116 is with Never. This was recorded on site in Los Angeles, actually right on his dining room table. Never was pretty awesome. I ...
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115 Risk

Episode 115 is with Risk. We recorded this at his home and it was fucking amazing. He's the real deal and I can't say enough ...
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114 Con BA

I'm proud to say episode 114 is with Con BA. This guy has been an amazing artist before a lot of people even got into ...
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113 Cap Matches Color “Two Decades Of Digging”

Episode 113 is with 2 of the 3 guys from the project Cap Matches Color. A lot of you might skip this episode because it ...
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112 When TA DF outtakes

After releasing and recording the When episode we realized there was so much good content that was left on the table in the first run ...
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111 When TA DF

Episode 111 is with When TA DF. We've been friends for a really long time. I remember when he started, and we knew each other ...
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110 Mines FST

Episode 110 is with Mines FST. We've attempted recording this three times. I finally got off my ass and just flew down to Louisville and ...
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109 Bus 166 MSK CUTS

Episode 109 is with Bus 166 MSK CUTS. This ones been a long time coming. I remember July 2015 biking across Iowa and listening to ...
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108 Ichabod YME Circle T

Episode 108 is with Ichabod YME (T). If you don't know who he is, go sit on any giving freight line in the nation. You'll ...
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107 Doc TC5 part 2 of 2

Episode 106 is with Doc TC5. This is the second of two episodes with him. This one was recorded at Doc's home near Brooklyn. Just ...
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106 Doc TC5 Part 1 of 2

Episode 106 is with Doc TC5. This is the first of two episodes with him. We recorded this one in Manhattan the second one near ...
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105 Jick

Episode 105 is with Jick. He's an amazing individual. Not only does he have an outstanding pedigree. He's incredible articulate. Let me explain a little ...
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104 Jent

Epsiode 104 is with Jent He's amazing and started writing such a long time ago. A time when most of us had no idea what ...
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103 Anger CBS Mayhem

Episode 103 Anger CBS Mayhem you want to talk about an amazing individuel? That's him and then some. Before we recorded this a bunch of ...
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#102 Virus

Episode #102 is with Virus. Just an amazing writer. I always loved catching and seeing his stuff back in the day. Just a fucking solid ...
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#101 Tars AA EDK

Episode 101 is with Tars AA EDK. An amazing writer who's pretty unique. He was doing his own thing in graf for a while before ...
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#100 Beast from Visual Orgasm

Episode 100 is with Beast from Visual Orgasm. This was recorded in Calgary with Afex sitting in. Kamit and Ecks are also there for a ...
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#99 Kamit

Episode 99 is Kamit. The last few years I've benched and caught a ton of his shit. Always strong letters and bold color schemes. Big ...
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#98 Rove CBS

Episode 98 is with Rove CBS. In my opinion Rove is part of one of the greatest freight combos ever. I've personally seen a shit ...
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#97 Sae CTS Fr8ophiles

Episode 97 is with Sae from CTS and Fr8ophiles. I've known about him for a long time. He's good friends with Mines. I've caught a ...
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#96 Kane from Toronto

Episode 96 is with Kane from Toronto. This was the first episode of 7 recorded from our Canada trip. Kane is an amazing individual he's ...
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