Episodes – By Date

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#95 Good Guy Boris from The Grifters

Episode #95 Boris from The Grifters. Let's talk about standards in graffiti media. We've all seen projects where people have half assed their way through ...
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#94 Cycle TC5

Episode 94 is with Cycle another strong writer with an amazing history. I can't say thank you enough to him for being on here and ...
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#93 Quest UAA

#93 is with Quest UAA from Atlanta. I've known Quest for many years. I would pass through Atlanta and always see him up in these ...
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#92 High AMF

Episode 92 is with High AMF. Great writer and classic, he's been around for so many years and still can burn with an original style ...
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#91 Stack 2ZC AKB

I talked to Stack last week. He has so much history and was kind enough to share. It was pretty enlightening finding out about his ...
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#90 Novel IOK MFK

#90 is with Novel IOK MFK. Want to really thank him for doing this interview. He's super solid and a great dude. A younger writer ...
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#89 Totem 2

Episode #89 is with Atlanta's own Totem 2. What can you say about him? Another amazing writer but even a better person. He gives so ...
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pow alone

#88 Power Founder and Publisher of Can Control Magazine

Episode #88 is with Power Founder and Publisher of the classic graffiti magazine Can Control (formally Ghetto Art). What can you say about him? He's ...
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#87 Phil America

Episode 87 is with Phil America. A few weeks ago I asked Ether what he can tell me about Phil. Ether went into explicit detail ...
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#86 Zone WST

Episode #86 is with Zone WST from San Diego. Great conversation and covers a lot of bases. He started in writing culture all the way ...
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#85 Cents IWS RTD CISA

Episode 85 is with Cents from Indianapolis. To be brutally honest I never heard of him before Timber mentioned him in his episode. Cents emailed ...
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#84 Recycling and Re-using

Episode #84 is about recycling, re-using, repurposing, and generally ideas on how to leave less of an environmental impact on the planet when it comes ...
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#83 Daze TN

Episode 83 is with Daze TN. Talk about a person who has so many layers to his history and life. Coming up in a non ...
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#82 Christian Acker Author of Flip The Script

Episode #82 is with Christian Acker Author of Flip The Script and creator of the website handselecta.com which is also connected to this youtube channel ...
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#81 Case Bloom From Tucker and Bloom Bags

Episode 81 is with Case Bloom from the bag manufacturer Tucker and Bloom. Case is another person who's came out of writing and hip hop ...
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#80 Mone TFP

Episode #80 Mone TFP We recorded this one in New York. It was great sitting down with Mone. He and his painting partners have been ...
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#79 The Alski Show team up

Alski does a graffiti podcast out of New York. We've been in touch, trading stuff, and corresponding for the last few months. a few weeks ...
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#78 Karma KIW

Epsiode 78 is with Karma KIW. This one has been in the making for months. She's an extremely private person and lives the double life ...
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#77 Intel TCI AKB

Episode 77 is with Intel TCI AKB. One thing that really shines through on this conversation was how he was just a positive selfless dude ...
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#76 Giant

Episode 76 is with Giant. What can I say about him? He's been on the top of a lot of art forms and has been ...
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#75 Kovet and Duble RTD

Episode 75 is with Kovet and Duble from RTD. Sat down with them last week while I was in Denver. Great guys and good conversation ...
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#74 Emit DF

Emit DF has been around a while. Coming from the East Coast and in the 90's became a resident of Colorado. I've looked up to ...
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#73 Smokin’ Joe

Last week I flew into chicago and made the 4 hour drive to sit down with Smokin' Joe. A great freight moniker artist from the ...
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#72 Pen One

Months ago Pen one either reached out to me or I found him on the old social media. For the life of me I can't ...
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# 71 Rene from German Montana

René from German Montana was truly awesome to have a conversation with. I learned so much from him and was extremely impressed with their view ...
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#70 Wane COD

Wane is truly a gentleman and not only is his painting pedigree rock solid, so is he. The topics that he discussed are pretty badass ...
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#69 Prism

Prism has some good graffiti under his belt. Some of the best freights I've ever seen were when he combo-ed up with Kwest. Just amazing ...
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#68 2Buck Memorial

This episode is for 2Buck who was fatally killed while writing graffiti a couple months ago. Not only was he a great writer, he was ...
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#67 Clown TITS

I've been seeing Clown @clown2076 from TITS crew for a long time. His stuff is super solid, great positive outlook on art and life, and ...
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#66 Big Miles

This was a lot of fun. Big Miles is a fucking dope cool character. It was truly a pleasure talking to him. We cover a ...
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#65 Levi from Ironlak

I'm super excited about this episode. Since the paint review I have only great things to say about my interaction with Ironlak and the two ...
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#64 Health Effects

Today's episode is a few conversations about the effects of spray paint. We have a shrink, a writer, and med student. None of these are ...
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#63 Five IOK

I've been seeing Five's stuff for a long long time. He developed a style completely unique. In the late 90's in Cincy you would see ...
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#62 A conversation with 2 railroad workers

Today's episode will be with two railroad workers. Hope you enjoy. Sorry their isn't a big intro on this one but I just had to ...
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#61 Bleek CBS Mayhem

This episode is with Bleek CBS Mayhem. He's working on a documentary/movie about CBS. We mostly focus on that, but there's plenty more stories he ...
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#60 Met TA Mayhem

Today's episode #60 is brought to you by @end2ends you can check them out on end2ends.bigcartel.com I've been very fortunate to have met writers all ...
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#59 Space, Spek, and Curls

Episode 59 is with Spek, Space, and Curls from the Boston area. We recorded this one on location. It was super super cool. Great guys ...
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#58 Writers Meeting in Portland, Maine

This episode of Legends Thursday #58 was recorded during a writers meeting in Portland Maine. We discuss two subjects. One is how to preserve our ...
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Still of the day 9-6-13

#57 Legends Thursday with Jeff and Ian from the YME film

Episode #57 Jeff and Ian from the film Year-Round Metal Enjoyment. This was recorded on location in Portland, Maine. This two have an amazing and ...
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#56 Legends Thursday Tokeo MUL

You have to bare with me on this one. I'm on the road and still a little sick. While I recorded this one I was ...
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#55 Legends Thursday Ryoe

Today's episode is with Ryoe. He's a great guy. Awesome outlook on writing and it's very different than a lot of other writers. You'll enjoy ...
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#54 Legends Thursday Paint Review

Episode 54, Today's podcast is from 10 different writers. They review what paint they've used and their assessment of each brand. It's a long episode ...
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#53 Legends Thursday – Soe/The Kodak Kidd

I've always looked up to Soe's graffiti. His panels have always been super solid. Once I realized how dedicated he was to benching and streaking ...
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#52 Legends Thursday Arek BA NSF

Super pumped about this episode. I've been seeing Arek for years. We have some mutual friends and I've only heard good things about him. In ...
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#51 Legends Thursday 5 Piece Theory Video project Kuhr and Ewzy

This episode is with Kuhr and Ewzy from 5 piece Theory. They're both great guys and have some solid stuff to say and really good ...
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#50 Legends Thursday – Kwest

Proud to announce this is the 50th episode of the podcast. We have a new intro and song for the next 6 months. We're also ...
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#49 Legends Thursday – Tater MUL

I met Tater through Ether. As some of you know I've been good friends with Ether for a long time. If he vouches for someone ...
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#48 Legends Thursdays – Elmer LD

I've been aware of Elmer's work for a while. His stuff is fucking brilliant and knows how to push the spot. It was truly a ...
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#47 Legends Thursday – Jive DF

A few months ago Jive @keithjive and I started following each other on IG. I was always impressed with his stuff back in the day ...
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#46 Legends Thursday – Attorney At Law

Well here it is. I did this interview a few weeks ago. Hopefully it'll help you if you're in a situation. Like always the person ...
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