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#45 Legends Thursday – Gier and Kerse

This was a pretty exciting interview. I sat down with Gier and Kerse about a month or so ago. I've known Gier for a long ...
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#44 Legends Thursday – Twin Cities Graf History part 3

There won't be any flicks on this one, because I haven't had the time. I recorded this one with Shock, Kahn, and Emer months ago ...
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#43 Legends Thursday – Terry From Heavy Pedal

I've known Terry for many years. He was a great writer and a great combo. He's took the lessons from graffiti and applied them to ...
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#41 Legends Thursday – Sase and Snafu ETC

This podcast is with Sase and Snafu ETC. I've known these guys for a long time. Great dudes who paint so clean. This is one ...
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#40 Legends Thursday – Sug

I've been watching Sug's art work for decades. He's one of those original freight heads from the amazing 90's. When freight train graffiti was rather ...
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There's a bunch of benefits, a gofundme account, and other projects coming up to raise money for 2Buck's family. Here's the details. https://www.gofundme.com/ttbthdrk Spinelli's original ...
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#39 Legends Thursday – Bozo and Gets

Bozo and Gets podcast is officially up. Well guess what there people? The internet went down, so to drop this one it was a little ...
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#38 Legends Thursday – Nope ICY

Well well well here we go. One of my favorite interviews. While I was coming up, I looked up to Nope's stuff right up there ...
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#37 Legends Thursday – Ewok HM MSK

I've been seeing Ewok's stuff for years. I can't put it into words. When you come up in writing and you're seeing dope stickers and ...
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timber action champion

#36 Legends Thursday – Timber MFK

I've known Timber from years ago while I lived in Ohio. He's a super solid guy and have plenty of good stuff to say. His ...
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#35 Legends Thursday – Therd CTW TKO

I meet Therd over a bucket of bacon with Sone years ago. I believe he was vegan and I'm not really into bacon unless it's ...
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#34 Legends Thursday – Nemel IRAK

Here's the Nemel IRAK interview. Bent was kind enough to take the highroad and kindly bow out of the interview. Major props to him for ...
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#33 Legends Thursday – Philly’s Jester IYA TKU

I've been friends of friends with Jester for years. I don't want to get into that too much, since it's in the interview. I got ...
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#32 Legends Thursday – Spel HM

Super honored to release this episode and to be one of the few outlets you can buy Spel's DVD Tales From The Rails. I came ...
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#31 Legends Thursday – Des KTC

This was such a blessing. Having another writer from the subway era is such an amazing thing. Thank you so much Des KTC (or Desism) ...
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#30 Legends Thursday – Chip7 Mayhem CBS

Today is our 30 episode and with Chip Mayhem CBS. This was a great fucking interview. He talks about so much cool shit. I really ...
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#29 Legends Thursday – Anonymous Magazine and Elev8 from the retired web site Twin City Graffiti

Today's podcast is with the guys from Anonymous Magazine and Elev8 from the retired web site Twin City Graffiti. These three guys are pretty awesome, ...
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Espo's book The Art Of Getting Over

#28 Legends Thursday – Gkae MSK AWR

This was one of the interviews from the Philly trip a few months/weeks ago. Nemel Irak is to thank, because he hooked it up. Hope ...
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#27 Legends Thursday – Pure ASH

Pure ASH talks about archiving and his current life. Extremely good interview. I really can't wait to have him on. The flicks he sent to ...
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#26 Legends Thursday – Lack and Learn YME

It was so awesome to talk to these guys after so many years of benching their freights. Just an amazing group of individuals. A great ...
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#25 Legends Thursday – Kick MSK

Today's podcast is with Kick MSK. Like I say in the interview he has adapted his pieces to fit on the Holy Rollers so impressively ...
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#24 Legends Thursday – SBone talks about Steel Wheels

SBone has been benching graffiti before the great majority of us have been alive. He's an amazing bencher, a great writer, and he's helped create ...
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#23 Legends Thursday – Afex Interview

Back in the day Afex and I traded hard copy flicks. I was amazed by his art then and even more now. It was good ...
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#22 Legends Thursday – Oz and OZO Interview

This interview was one from the Philly trip. Oz and OZO are some Philly legends. I use to see Oz up so much when I ...
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#21 Legends Thursday – Joe from WRBT magazine Interview

Today we interview Joe the creator of WRBT magazine, DVD, and clothing line. His brand is pretty awesome and he's kind enough to let me ...
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#20 Legends Thursday – Gamble Interview

This is the final episode of the week of daily podcast. We will be back on Thursday. I'm so happy to have this one be ...
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#19 Legends Thursday – Kept KIL Interview

One of the biggest inspirations to me in writing. You'll gather that by the 3 times I say that over and over again in this ...
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#18 Legends Thursday – King Kair Interview

This was a super special interview. Kair is literally a legendary writer. I had heard so much about him through the years from my friend ...
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#17 Legends Thursday – Twin Cities Graf History Part 2

Here's is the second part of the TC graf history. After we were done recording these episodes we realized we missed a bunch of key ...
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#16 Legends Thursday – 2Buck Interview

Over the last year or so I've become a pretty solid friend of 2Bucks. He constantly inspires me. Not only is he up as fuck ...
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#15 Legends Thursday – Mpeach and Solo interview Coupe

So here it is. I never really wanted an interview with myself, but enough people asked so here it is. Hope it isn't too egotistic ...
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#14 Legends Thursday – Pike and Tre Interview

This was recorded last week while I was in Philly. It's the first of those "Philly" episodes to be released. These are two fucking great ...
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#13 Legends Thursday – Clev Interview

When I started benching again last year I was blown away by how much Cleve freights I saw. It probably sits around 5 in a ...
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#12 Legends Thursday – Artistikfunk Interview

I've been friends with Artistik for years. He's a great bencher, friend, and has a great floor to crash on. He's got a lot of ...
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#11 Legends Thursday – Adge and Apart FGS Interview

Adge and Apart FGS. I saw them up on the trains and was blessed to see some of their walls in Cleveland years ago. Huge ...
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#10 Legends Thursday – Part One TDS Interview

Part One TDS. He's been painting since the 70's. He can burn the majority still to this day. He's extremely positive and truly an inspiration ...
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#09 Legends Thursday – City Limits Magazine Interview

City Limits magazine is more like a mini book on graffiti. It focusing mostly on Detroit with some freights sprinkled in. This episode we talk ...
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#08 Legends Thursday – Jigl LD MFK and Horse LD Interview

Jigl LD MFK and Horse LD are two seriously active writers. They've been getting up all over and crushing freights ...
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#07 Legends Thursday – Twin Cities Writers Interview 1 of 3

Twin Cities graffiti history part 1 of 3 with Emer AKB, Kahn HM, and Shock UC. They scratch the surface of the 90s graffiti history ...
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#06 Legends Thursday – Union Bencher Interview

Union Bencher has been benching/taking photos of freight train graffiti since the late 90s. With over half a million flicks in his archives from his ...
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#05 Legends Thursday – Pre Interview

Crispo or Pre amazing writer. I started noticing his killer freights in the late 90s, but his history goes well before that. He's still painting ...
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#04 Legends Thursday – Ether Interview

Ether MUL needs no introduction. If you don't know who he is you do now. He's a larger than life person. Amazing history and continues ...
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#03 Legends Thursday – Philly Interview

Philly is the owner of Spinelli's in Louisville, Kentucky. He's extremely successful and gives back to the writing culture 10 fold. With the help of ...
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#02 Legends Thursday – Asic Interview

Asic ETC is a writer from the west coast. Mostly freights. He has an amazing work ethic in every facet of his life. I think ...
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#01 Legends Thursday – Army Interview

Army TSR is a Detroit graffiti artist. I use to see him up so much. Just sick spots on the street with full blown pieces ...
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