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#31 Legends Thursday – Des KTC


This was such a blessing. Having another writer from the subway era is such an amazing thing. Thank you so much Des KTC (or Desism) for doing this interview. Can’t wait for you to come up here hang out and see an Islanders/Wild game. There’s so many amazing stories and experiences in this interview. I’ve literally listened to it 4 times and it doesn’t get old. With no further bullshit here’s Des KTC @thedesism

Here is a link to some of the Subway Sun – International Graffiti Times


Also our server went down last night, so all the episodes will be coming out one day later than planned.

Tomorrow will be Spel HM

Wednesday will be Philly’s Jester TKU IYA,

Thursday Nemel IRAK

Friday Therd CTW TKO CMK

Satruday Timber MFK

Sunday Ewok HM MSK