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#47 Legends Thursday – Jive DF


A few months ago Jive @keithjive and I started following each other on IG. I was always impressed with his stuff back in the day. Very unique, different, and so badass art. His art continues to grow and develop. I love looking at his stuff and to sit down and talk to him was even better. Hope you enjoy this one. There’s a bunch of flicks that he was kind enough to throw our way. Check all those out on the website. A couple will be previewed on the IG, like always, but trust me it’s well worth taking a look.

thanks again Jive

side note ; There’s been a few emails and comments about the voice changing stuff. No matter what I do to change it. The voice is always going to be slightly to over the top annoying. Basically I have to make sure to protect all parties that wish to be protected. It can be argued that this is a freedom of speech issue, but imagine how heart breaking it would be if one of these interviews were used in a court case. I’ve weighed the positives and negatives and it’s obvious to me that if someone want’s their voice changed I will gladly do it. As a listener if you can’t understand that then I’m sorry and tough shit.

Upcoming episodes are
Thursday Elmer LD
Sunday/Monday Tater (with special guest Gier and Kerse)
Then New Years Eve we will have a surprise guest. You will not want to miss this one. It’s a writer that doesn’t put much out there and I’m very thankful he blessed us with an interview and it sounds like there will me a few more coming from him again.