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#26 Legends Thursday – Lack and Learn YME


It was so awesome to talk to these guys after so many years of benching their freights. Just an amazing group of individuals. A great team with so many good stories. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. It’s about 2 hours and the start is really good, but the second half is killer. Talks about Greyhound trips across the nation, Ich sprinting to the paint isle, Indian Spice and Autumn Gold, June as a young guy, wild dogs, and tons of other good stuff.  I really look forward to having them on again. Thanks again guys.



  • kosguy

    Learn and Lack.. Holy shit what a great fucking interview, had me laughing. Touched and cover all the bases. fucking good stuff. Im probably going to listen this like 5 more times.
    TSA and Worm interview would be awesome.

    To answer the question briefly .. .
    Kos didn’t implode, still writing. Just not killing 100’s of trains a year. A few members went on to push other crews for a bit. One left all together to avoid a knuckle sandwich. One moved out of the country to avoid the feds. we’re still here…