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#40 Legends Thursday – Sug


I’ve been watching Sug’s art work for decades. He’s one of those original freight heads from the amazing 90’s. When freight train graffiti was rather new. His experiences are awesome. The knowledge he shares was pretty jaw dropping. I really hope that he releases (through himself, LT, or another avenue) his 90’s interview with classic writers. If you want to hear those get on him or post on the LT IG, so I can forward it to him. Thank you SUG it was great meeting you, and I’m looking forward to part 2 with you in a few months. Also special thanks to Asic for sitting on this one.

The pictures Sug sent to LT are badass, plus the captions were pretty great too, so don’t sleep on looking at the higher res pictures on the website.

I know you’ll enjoy this one so sit back and check it out. This Thursday will be Snafu and Sase from ETC, followed by Terry from Heavy Pedal on Sunday/Monday.