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#49 Legends Thursday – Tater MUL


I met Tater through Ether. As some of you know I’ve been good friends with Ether for a long time. If he vouches for someone that’s pretty much worth gold to me. A few months ago I met Tater and pretty much instantly I knew he was a solid person. He’s a very diverse writer and dedicated to a lot of the different mediums in our chosen art form. Also Kerse and Gier sit in on this conversation. I know you’ll enjoy this one.

This Thursday is a very special surprise guest. You won’t want to miss. There will also be a new intro speech and song for the next 6 months.

Thanks to all the supporters and thanks to all the listeners. Special thanks to @12ozprophet and @attngt3r for the interview on the Podcast last week. If you didn’t get to hear that, please feel free to check it out on their website. Unfortunately they didn’t post it on their ig, but like I said it is on their website.