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There’s a bunch of benefits, a gofundme account, and other projects coming up to raise money for 2Buck’s family. Here’s the details.

Spinelli’s original Baxter Ave Louisville location will be having a get together to remember and honor one of their own. Wednesday December 9th between 10 PM and 1 AM all in store sales will be 100% donated to Jon’s family.

Legends Thursday- all our sales after cost and shipping on Black Friday will be going to Jon’s family.
We will also have a few auctions from stuff donated by different writers.

There’s a few tattooers that will be donating their services also.

There might be a book/magazine also coming out too.

The Legends Thursday IG will be posting updates on this.

All the episodes will be getting pushed back a few days for obvious reasons. We will be back with Sug on Sunday.

With that I can’t type it better than these two. You’ll be missed my friend. ‪#‎rip2buck‬

@spinellistempe – The graffiti world lost a rising star today. ‪#‎2buck‬ was a stand up guy, and as humble as they get. Life is too short sometimes we forget to stand back and smell the roses.

@mistermines – If you are not familiar with my man’s work. Please become familiar. He was an amazing writer, with more drive that anyone I have ever known. Someone said this evening, that he went about graffiti the right way. That’s exactly right. He brought so much to the table. At the same time, he was so eager to learn from his friends and elders. He cared about keeping tradition, rules and his family tree alive. He very much did so, while leading the way in this modern era of graffiti – a time in our culture where character and his kind of selflessness is unheard of. #2buck I love you so much man. You mean the world to me. You changed my life more than you ever knew. You will never be forgotten.‪#‎familystaystrue‬

Here’s the unedited version of his episode weeks ago.

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#16 Legends Thursday – 2Buck Interview


Over the last year or so I’ve become a pretty solid friend of 2Bucks. He constantly inspires me. Not only is he up as fuck and all country. He’s also a super humble dude to a fault. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did making it.