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141 Addiction Episode 2


Episode 141 is the second part of the Addiction series. The first one was more focused on the recovering addicts, men, and what they’ve gone through personally. This one has that, but it was very important to me to get more women talking about their personal experiences and also the family member, lover, nurse, dealer, drug counselor etc. I wanted to get as many different perspectives as I could to talk about how this affects us all. These episodes are meant to go together as a set. Don’t listen to one without the other. Thanks to all the people who helped out with both of them.

I want to thank everyone for being patient while I was putting this one together. Ryoe and I discuss it on the close. Long story short the LT computer is on it’s last leg. We hope we’ll be able to sneak out the last few episodes on it. If not we will figure something else out.
Next episode will be the graffiti wives episode. TFR is finishing off the interviews this weekend and hopefully we can mix that one and put it out quickly. Please don’t put in any orders on the LT site over the next or so, because we’re going to clearance everything off soon.