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103 Anger CBS Mayhem


Episode 103 Anger CBS Mayhem you want to talk about an amazing individuel? That’s him and then some. Before we recorded this a bunch of us and grabbed a bite to eat. The next day I was rapping with one of the people who happened to be there. They said “he has to be one of the most interesting people I’ve met”. I couldn’t say it better. He’s got such an intense past, story, and life experiences. I can’t thank him enough for coming through Minnesota to record this in person. I used a new program to record this one and there’s a lot of echo on it and the sound isn’t as crisp. I’d say power through because it’s well worth it. Anger was incredible honest and open about his life. It was pretty amazing and we could of recorded another 3 hours easily, so check it out and don’t miss the flicks on the website. His song was Downset’s Anger.

I just returned from a trip out east and sat down with Jick, Ichabod, Jent, and Doc TC5. The order of these being released hasn’t been decided so stay tuned. Our online store is pretty much down and will be relaunched in a week or two. Over the next year before the podcast is completed. I’d like to start helping out writers by using the online store to sell their art work. Another way to give back to the community, just so they have an anonymous way to sell their stuff. My fee will be very low or free. If you’re an established writer interested please contact me for details (no toys or someone writing for a couple of years).