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123 Bates


Episode 123 is with Bates. He’s from Denmark and has been writing since the 80’s. His influence on the culture globally can’t be questioned. He’s a style master and continues to push the envelope decade after decade. I’ve loved his stuff since 97 seeing it in magazines. His humble approach towards life and writing is what really threw me for a loop. He tries to respond to every email personally and is so positive. I don’t want to describe too much of what he talks about and spoil it, so sit back relax and listen. As always don’t forget to check out the flicks he sent in. They’re on the website. His two song’s for the intro and close were After Thoughts – Oddisee Moderat – A New Error. Thanks again Bates for doing this.

Special thanks to @capmacthescolor for hooking us up with Bates.

Next week we will be releasing two episodes with railroad workers. Those two episodes have been in the making for a couple months. We’re putting the final touches on them and looking forward to releasing them. Lots of questions

We have a few Link canvases he was kind enough to donate to the podcast, so we’ll be auctioning those off over the next few weeks. Want to thank all the artists, benchers, listeners, and everyone else for supporting the podcast. Also thanks for all the good mail lately too. It’s greatly appreciated and not taken lightly.