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#100 Beast from Visual Orgasm

Episode 100 is with Beast from Visual Orgasm. This was recorded in Calgary with Afex sitting in. Kamit and Ecks are also there for a few minutes on the end. The “hidden” track has some goodies too. Beast has been been doing a lot for the graffiti community. He’s literally a graffiti philanthropist and keeps given back to the culture. It’s so interesting meeting all these individuals on this trip. Beast was one that threw me for a loop. I didn’t really know much about him as a person before we meet up. He was this faceless person who I knew gave a lot to the the community between the book he put out and buying some stuff from Pre. Then I met him and he’s got so many layers. His given nature doesn’t just stop with writing. His whole life and career go hand in hand. I really can’t say enough good things about him. If there were more people in the community like Beast our culture would a lot better.

Check out the flicks he submitted. They’re pretty epic and on the website. For the intro and close songs he sent me this “It was a hard decision not to go with Nickleback or Celine Dion but instead maybe the intro Hands on Experience since that goes with the orgasmic theme of the website and then A Tribe Called Red gives some acknowledgement to the Indigenous land that the railway is on across this country.” Thanks again Beast

Next up will be Tars followed by Virus.