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109 Bus 166 MSK CUTS


Episode 109 is with Bus 166 MSK CUTS. This ones been a long time coming. I remember July 2015 biking across Iowa and listening to most of the Krime Time Epsiodes. When I came across the episode with him it really hit me in a different way. I’m not sure what it was. Maybe it was the experiences of walking into a yard in 1999 and catching him and his crew on a train. Maybe it was just his art hitting me in a different way. Then fast forward months later after listening to that interview I started following his IG account. He’s one of those people who really gives back to the culture selflessly. It’s fucking intense and so inspiring. He’s makes things happen with little to no benefit for himself. CUTS crew stands for Clean Up The Streets and what that’s doing for his local community is a huge benefit. He’s connected to a non-profit and really trying to bring some positive things through that connection. I don’t want to blow any other surprises, so please check out this episode. It really shows some positive things that are possible within our culture. Thanks again to Bus for doing this looking forward to getting some stickers made from you. The songs he picked for his intro and close were DJ Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat and Space Truckin’ – Deep Purple. He also sent in some pretty powerful flicks so check that out on the website. Also check out his IG and follow him, support him, if you’re in LA area swing by his gallery, and pick some stuff up from his online store.

Next week will be with Mines FST. We’re shooting for a Tuesday release. Then if all goes well we will be having another episode dropping on Thursday. That guest will be announced after it’s recorded. Also our store should be going back online this weekend, so watch for that announcement on IG. Lastly Ichabod sent in a bunch of paintings for us to auction off for him. Those are going on the LT IG account so check that out.

Besides that sorry for delay in a week for this episode. With the election and that craziness we needed some time to decompress, and think about what kind of affect that might have on us and our loved ones. Personally I want to encourage all the people protesting, because us having the freedom of speech and protesting is one of the things that makes this country great. I think sometimes people forget that.