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#85 Cents IWS RTD CISA


Episode 85 is with Cents from Indianapolis. To be brutally honest I never heard of him before Timber mentioned him in his episode. Cents emailed me a few times and we communicated. I was going back and forth whether to have him on the show. Then I saw his amazing art and what he was doing. The thing that sealed the deal was talking to him in the pre-interview. A very knowledgeable man and a great positive attitude. I’m really proud to have him on the podcast not only because his work deserves it, he’s also a super good guy. We cover a lot of subjects outside of graffiti culture and it does go pretty long, but well worth listening to. I can’t thank Cents enough for doing this. I look forward to out paths crossing down the road. There’s a bunch of killer flicks on the website that go with this episode, so please check those out. also contact for Cent’s IWS RTD CISA is @MR_CENTS on Instagram or the website

The two songs he picked were
Intro: You Want To Be Here by Sweet Poison Victim
Outro: All Is Well by Native Sun

I put some new stuff on the online store, so check it out. Want to thank everyone who’s been swooping stuff up.It helps out a lot. Don’t forget to check out the prints from Pen One. They’re pretty awesome. We will be dropping his pre-order shirt soon too.

See you guys and gals in a few days. Thanks for listening and please support our sponsor and please stay safe out there.